Can't sit without them (1)Perfectly capable of fixing my ownIce box, slip dressShe's not even that musicalTaking it off was a dreamSo nice she drank it twiceEat meIt's always middle afternoonHow to attachSomehow to be in forever reposeWhale TailThey say I'm difficult, but so is day drinkingThere's something betweenCan't sit without them (2)Does it hurt you to think about Thursdays?All about the brineBib on the floor, extra crunchyWhy more sins so soreHumorously topicalI can't weather weather with youCan't sit without them (3)Backward Forward HeatIf now then (when) Well, just one. Little one.What to where is intactGentle on the headOnce you have it, you'll never leave itTo be bothThree shells and a peaFully intact afternoonRinse and raw barIn praise of lemonsShe is a moment Chilled tower, fresh wedgeWhen we partedShe found and lost the shells I celebrate youRevenge snackI want to be all of your thingsOystereatersIn the seas, olive