African/American Still Life, Bouquet No.5 (Collard Green Sandwich)African/American Still Life with Fruit No. 2 (Five Corn Stalks and Five Okras)African/American Still Life with Fruit No. 1 (Four Corn Stalks and Six Okras)Medium Doorknockers with Chickenheads Coverall Composition No.1Medium Doorknocker Coverall Composition No.1 ( Five Golden Impression)Large Doorknocker Coverall Composition No.2 (Large Coverall with Eight Gold Impressions) Collard Greens Coverall Composition No.1Medium Collard Greens Composition with Four LeavesMedium Chickenhead Coverall CompositionLarge Doorknocker Coverall Composition No.1 (Larger Coverall with Five Golden Impressions and fragments)African/American Still Life, Bouquet No.3 (Collard Green Cornucopia)