Anna Weyant

Born in 1995 in Calgary, Alberta

Weyant holds a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. Weyant’s figurative oil paintings are rooted in a tongue-in-cheek humor. Her subjects are girls in their early to mid-adolescence with smooth, youthful faces that belie an unseen potential for violence: one girl’s torso reveals a healing scar, another’s feet swing freely either in play or from a noose. Their environments are claustrophobic interiors decorated in monochromatic shades of olive, taupe, and gray. Weyant’s works suggest an unseen tension just out of view, for instance in her renditions of sparse dollhouses indicating haunting family secrets. The works featured in her solo exhibition Welcome to the Dollhouse (2019) borrow René Magritte’s signature clouds and surreal version of twilight to emphasize the ominous overtones implicit in the subjects’ dreamlike world.

Solo Exhibitions

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